Juego de Sapo Game Manufacturer develops new Website

SapoMiami.com has been online since the early stages of the internet.  Our 1st website was developed as soon as we started our business back in October 2001.  The website was simple and easy to navigate.  It provided our customers with key information and the ability to place orders.  Although we have gone through multiple website designs, we are happy to announce our new Website published and live as of April 2017.  The website is feature rich with Juego de Sapo Rules, History and commentary from our clients.  We also have customers that have purchased our Sapo Game on the website.  It is complete with pictures and videos of our customers playing and receiving their Sapo Game either via local deliveries or pictured that they have sent into us at SapoMiami.com

Our ordering process and communication has improved via the new website.  Once you place your order, the system will generate an email and SMS/Text message to alert you of your order ID and order status.  This allows our customers to know where their Juego de Sapo Game is in the process.  Communication is key and we believe customers will enjoy this new feature.

Our new site will have a monthly social giveaway.  This will provide our customers the opportunity to sign up for great content via Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and other social media outlets.  The prizes will vary from Amazon Echo’s to other cool prizes that we will give away.  We are also providing Special Offer Gifts based on your cart total.  The more you purchase, the better your free gift will be.

We are all very excited about the new website and invite you to navigate through the site.  If you have any comments or find anything that needs to be updated, please reach out to us.

Thank You from the Sapo Miami Sales Team !!!