Sapo Miami has been an established corporation in Florida since 2001.  Our goal, from the beginning, has been to introduce the famous “Sapo Game” to the world.  We started the business importing the “Juego de Sapo” (spanish) from Peru directly.  We started with a few units to test the market and quickly started to bring in more and more units.  We started placing larger orders that would fill multiple containers.  This progressed for many years as we started to streamline the process.  As our company and business grew, we wanted to introduce more features, colors, styles and quality. This was a main driver to bring production into the USA.  The quality of the units coming from Peru was starting to decline.  I knew we could produce a higher quality unit and continue to keep the Peruvian authenticity of the Sapo Game.  We opened our factory location in the city of Miami (Hialeah Gardens, FL).   Enjoy our pictures, videos and website.  We are constantly updating our content and look forward to shipping your Sapo Game Order !!!

Peruvian InDEPENDENCE 2023 Countdown Timer

Our Sapo Game Accessories are in stock and ready to ship.  We recommend placing your order as early as possible.  We look forward to assisting you in making the 2023 Holiday, a memorable one.

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