Ancient legend tells that in the Inca sacred lake, the Titicaca, there evolved a mystical game, that with the passage of time was made into a festival. “El Sapu” (the frog) was the main character in the exciting game where the Inca, son of the sun, would throw the luck with his court.

In those times, the royal family would throw gold pieces in the lake, with the hopes of catching some frog’s attention, who were known for their magical powers. If a frog came to the surface and took in his mouth a gold piece, instantly the player was awarded a wish and the frog turned into solid gold.

In honor of so many wishes becoming reality, the Inca ordered a great golden frog made, for all of royalty to enjoy. It was a game of suspense and dexterity, where dance and happiness would mix in one rite: PUKLLAY SAPU (Playing Sapo, or Frog)