Building Partnerships for Success and Suma Sapo Enterprises are continually building relationships with businesses who wish to enhance their own product offerings with ‘Sapo’ solutions for the benefit of our mutual customers.

As a reseller/partner of Suma Sapo products you are eligible for a variety of benefits. Read further to learn about these benefits.


• Tiered pricing schedule based upon volume. The more you buy, the more you save.
• Company listing on the and Suma Sapo Partners page.
• Use of authorized reseller/partner logo.


• Must become ‘product knowledgeable’ with each of the product(s) being sold.
• Resellers are fully responsible for providing technical support to their customers, and/or third party buyers.
• *Active reseller status is maintained by ordering a minimum of six products within a three month period.

Application Process

• Complete reseller application form.
• Application will be reviewed by & Suma Sapo Enterprises.
• Upon approval, applicant will be contacted.
• Applicant will be setup as an Authorized and Suma Sapo Reseller

Although not contractually obligated, resellers are encouraged to maintain their active reseller status by following the requirement guidelines listed. Dependent upon the resellers’ current discount rate, the discount may decrease if active status is not maintained.

Reseller Application Form


Authorized Reseller Logo

You may only display the Sapo Miami authorized reseller logo if you have been authorized as a reseller, and have a current reseller agreement in place.
You cannot modify the size, color or contents of the logo in any way. The logo must correctly link back to SapoMiami:
The logo must be displayed on the same web page as the payment button.





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